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Welcome to the Crafty Yogini

Tat Tvam Asi: "You are that"
-Chandogya Upanishad

Blushing Buddha presents the Crafty Yogini! 

Enjoy the monthly 
list of creative Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra enhancements for your home and garden.

Welcome to Yin Metal Rabbit Month
Xin Mao 2016

Get Ready Crafty Yoginis and Crafty Yogis! A truly Golden month awaits you! The moment is ripe to allow your imagination to flow with creative enhancements!

The Qi of this month encourages focus, training, planning, attraction, strength, and flexibility.

Bing Fire Monkey is the Year Pillar of 2016. Bing Fire is also the Day Master of 2016. Metal Rabbit carries the money making element of Bing Fire and therefore the money of the year! A happy financial month is available to those who find both practical and creative avenues to curb spending while investing wisely.

Flying Star 8 combines with Flying Star 9:

The EAST Palace enjoys the HAPPY 8 star of month and the innovative 9 star of the year!  Focus your enhancements in the E-1 and E-3 sectors of your home and garden. These two directions carry the pure positive potential for happy love, money, and magic Qi to enter and accumulate! 

Enhancements and Suggestions for East-1 and East-3:

Purple and gold accents will work well in the East this month. For example, a purple throw rug with gold tassels is a great way to stimulate the positive Qi of the current elements. 

Wear purple, lilac, and lavender clothing this month! Purple is made from mixing red and blue. Red will nurture the happy 8 star and Blue will protect the Rabbit’s yin wood while carrying a metal stem. 

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Remember there is Fire, Earth, and Metal combining in the East. Also, the base star is wood. Thus all the elements except water are active in the East during Rabbit month. Moving water is probably the most exciting element to experiment with in your East Palace. Buy or make an affordable yet attractive water fountain outside where you can easily view it from your patio door or home office window. 

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Wear a yoga bracelet containing the elements of wood, water, and metal to balance the energies of Metal Rabbit month. 

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Move your computer and phone to East-1 or East-3 and use this area to make financial decisions. 

Hang a prayer flag near a swing , bench, or yoga mat in your East garden. Use this area to contemplate, meditate, and visualize.

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Practice Elemental Visualizations. Visualize gold revealed in the depths of the mountain, lava creating rich soil through the centuries, and Spring buds that insist dormant talents come to life. 

Add touches of gold to your spring decor. Consider a golden clay rabbit in the garden,  golden eggs on book shelves, and large floor pillows embellished with gold foil or threads.

Place a gold coin or gold wealth yantra beside your computer or phone! 

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Using the center point of your home or office, create a map of unexplored areas that fall within the East-1 or East-3 direction. Schedule time on your day off to enjoy East palace treasure hunting.

Book an East-1 or East-3 restaurant to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. 

Schedule meetings with prospective clients at East-1 or East-3 coffee houses.

Set up a craft room in East-1/East-3! Use your free time to learn the art of crafting with Gold Leaf! Try your hand at using 24k gold paint to restore great grandma’s china set. Use colorful paints, sea shells, and gold foil to create a mix media piece of art to hang in your office.  

NOTE: Remember to always follow your pure positive impulses. You may prefer to enhance a different sector of your home and garden. There are many star and element combinations that have not been mentioned in this practice. 

The intention is to use the practice to inspire your own unique brand of creativity! Feel free to improvise. Maybe you don’t have one of the items suggested for the practice? Solution: find something that you have on hand that creates a similar ambience!

Come back and visit the Crafty Yogini to view updates to the Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra list of Enhancements.


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