Why do so many in our community take a heart felt interest in the
healing arts? Many of us have dabbled or completed long years of
study in Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Astrology, Yoga, Vedic
Philosophy, Shamanism, Magical Rituals, Color Therapy, Auricular Therapy, World Religion, Ethnobiology, Art Therapy, Reiki, Mantra Practice, Crystal Therapy, et cetera Like bees to honey, we gravitate towards anything that inspires us to balance our polarity and bring strength to areas of our psyche where we feel less confident. Together we invoke the potential to form a happy, meaningful, and peaceful community. 

Blushing Buddha strongly recommends consulting your Medical Doctor, Naturopath, and Yoga Therapist before attempting any style of pranayama, yoga pose, or any other type of "practice" suggested on the Blushing Buddha website/store. She also recommends you contact your Certified Herbalist before experimenting with any of the incense, herbal oils, and teas suggested on the Blushing Buddha website/store. Blushing Buddha respects that each person has their own unique needs and sensitivities.

Blushing Buddha invites you to shop with pure freedom! Please know that she truly enjoys sharing her favorite yoga inspired practices, meditations, and rituals. Blushing Buddha encourages her customers to check in and follow their true heart while browsing. She knows that her suggestions may not necessary be in line with her clients' needs. Please respect your unique intuitive feedback first and foremost when experimenting with Blushing Buddha's suggested practices. Blushing Buddha's product descriptions and suggested uses are intended to assist you in making the best purchase for your needs. A
lways trust your own instincts first and foremost. For example, there may be item that Blushing Buddha describes as useful for love meditations, but that same item may call  to you for strength & protection. Maybe you want to purchase an item simply because you find it attractive. Great! You are free to follow your heart!

Our wish at Blushing Buddha is simply that you have fun treasure hunting and maybe even enjoy reading about a few of Blushing Buddha's suggested Meditations, Mantras, and Vastu Shastra Rituals!