Artist Bios
   "To wake the soul by tender strokes of art" 
-Alexander Pope


Olga was born in 1975 in Pembroke, Ontario where her parents ran their own successful restaurant for over 30 years. She went on to take Interior Design at college for three years and afterward decided to go into a more creative arts field taking a pre-graphic design course. In 2008-2009 she became involved with JemCon, a yearly convention dedicated to gathering fans from all over the world who love the 80’s cartoon Jem. She is currently still the JemCon Graphics Coordinator and is responsible for all the artwork related to each yearly convention, from designing the doll fashions to posters. She also does commission work for web designs, Jem fanart, personal paintings and portraits. 

Olga lives with her husband John and beautiful cat Buster in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Future plans still involve JemCon, commissions, branching off into OOAK (one of a kind) doll designs in November 2010 with her best bud Sean from JemCon and returning to college to study nutrition in 2011.

On the web she can be found as Amjara on most sites. Her art sites include;  HYPERLINK "" and  HYPERLINK "" 



Angel (artist name) works as a freelance painter and visual artist. She has produced more than 8,000 small originals and 500 paintings that range is size from greeting card to mural size.  She is a Reiki Master and for years worked professionally with psychic readers, healers, a Feng Shui masters. Angel is drawn to the spiritual and exotic beauty of Hawaii. She may be contacted at

Mission Statement

Agnes’ (Angel) pulsating mission is to disperse the pebbles or landmarks that will kindle humanity’s yearning to find its path both individually and collectively back to the supreme CREATOR.  Her art openly removes the barriers that obstruct such godly unification.  Her overarching goal is to usher an era whereby the love in our hearts will guide all action, thought, and manifestations.  

The images bring one closer to the SOURCE of all creation as they gently invite the seeker to widen their heart, broaden their compassion and consciously embrace other dimensions and realms.  The seeker is called upon to attune oneself and become gracefully aware of fairies, angels, deities and spiritual masters.  Those entities are eagerly awaiting our telepathic communication and intuitive connection.   Agnes’ images ignite the spark that reminds the seeker of a forgotten place; this place is our true home where universal unconditional love reigns.  

We are all lost children in an unconscious jungle of worldly events until we stumble upon a lustrous pebble in the form of an image of an undersea mermaid, a mystical flickering fairy, a saintly feathery angel or a holy goddess. These are the coruscating inspirations and remembrances needed to unearth a new awareness of our multidimensionality.  These images are the guides that gently remind us that we must cultivate reverence for all life forms to arrive at a transformed state of consciousness.  This renewed state of consciousness is imperative for the endurance of our species and our sacred planet; mother earth.  

These light beings are not figments of Agnes’ imagination but are genuine revelations of the celestial spheres.   It is time for our collective consciousness to summon these powerful beings into our lives and begin to soar towards our infinite potential.  Many of her images and abstracts are the raw products of meditations, intimate encounters and recollections of past times.  They materialize on the canvas as an offering of healing and guidance.  Agnes is immersed in gratitude for these beings of light and is profoundly devoted to disseminating their healing vibrations.  Each card is handmade by the artist and is glittered and decorated individually.  And, most strikingly, each image is framed by that which eternally palpitates at the centre of the universe; the luminous heart.   

Authored by:  Ilil Ben-Elkana

Agnes is a rare breed that is too humble to appraise her own art.  Therefore, it has been a privilege for me to write this very short synopsis on her behalf.  I truly hope that I encapsulated the deep meaning of her work.



Johnny is a wood craftsman, yogi, and computer whiz. Johnny takes great care creating his unique yoga blocks from various woods. He appreciates the soul of particular woods and feels intuitively what wood combinations work well together.
Johnny reflects a heart of "gratitude" in his smile, practice, and Spirit. He dearly loves to spend time with his children: cooking, camping and fishing.



Melissa of Vegas Henna has been intrigued by body art of all kinds since she was a child.  As Melissa grew older, she began to explore various art forms and was drawn to Indian and Middle Eastern patterns and motifs. Melissa then attended a bridal shower where there was a henna artist decorating all the guests. She was amazed to learn about henna, and to see how similar henna designs were to her natural style of drawing. It was love at first sight!  She researched henna online, bought books about henna, talked to others about how to make the best henna possible, and attended a henna conference in Las Vegas. Melissa had been consumed by all things henna! After a few years were spent honing and refining her skills, Melissa decided to start practicing henna professionally.