About Blushing Buddha


Blushing Buddha is committed to
offering unique yogic inspired
treasures from around the globe.
It's her intention to support a
diversified realm of artists and
integrate their works into an
enjoyable shopping experience
for her customers. 

Dharma Merchant Services

Blushing Buddha is absolutely delighted to announce her partnership with Dharma Merchant  Services. Dharma Merchant Services donates 10% of all processing revenues to the non-profit organization of the retailer's choice. Blushing Buddha selected Kiva. Please feel free to check out www.kiva.org and read about the positive impact Kiva volunteers have on many lives. Three cheers to Kiva for it's dedication to organizing and facilitating micro loan sponsorships across the globe.

 The Journey Unfolds:

The Blushing Buddha started her yogic journey while living in Kansas. Snuggled in the blanket of a breathtaking prairie paradise, she spent most of her time building and caring for her wild-life urban garden. Blushing Buddha also felt blessed that she had friends from Madras, India who kept her company. Blushing Buddha also felt honored that her new friends invited her to their home to share their healthy Ayurvedic cooking. Before moving to Arizona, she took a special course in pranayama with a visiting Guruma from Mumbai. The exposure to nature and Hindu culture eventually inspired her to read books on Ayurveda, Vastu Shastra, and Vedic philosophy.

Upon reaching the desert of Arizona, Blushing Buddha volunteered at an organic farm in exchange for fresh veggies. To make ends meet she also worked at an eclectic shop filled with a variety of southwest artisan crafted goods. She took great pleasure in meeting and receiving fresh bulk herb medicinal teas from a local Chinese herbalist. A wise and compassionate friend who knew of Blushing Buddha's interest in herbal health, suggested a new job
for Blushing Buddha. Eventually, it came to past that the Blushing Buddha received a position in the Natural Living Department
of a local health food grocery store. Upon moving to Tempe, Blushing Buddha took courses at ASU including: The History of Chinese Medicine and Science, Interpreting the Chinese Classics, and Sanskrit. In 2006 she received her CYT (Certified Yoga Teacher) and started teaching at a local school for the healing arts. It was at that time she also started studying Qi Gong and Tai chi with a local Master and dear friend. Her Qi Gong practice and one
of her favorite books, Staying Healthy With the Seasons by Elson M. Haas, M.D. , inspired her to integrate five element meditations into her yoga warm-ups and closing meditations. Yet another group of blessed friends entered her life through occasionally attending local Tibetan Buddhist (non-secular) educational meetings and field trips. Blushing Buddha's friends inspired yet another new interest in Tibetan art and folklore.

Eventually, the urban scene in downtown Tempe no longer fulfilled the Blushing Buddha's true nature. She missed gardening and
spent two years in search of  what would later become the Blushing
Buddha Sanctuary. In the meantime, she entered the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens School. After nine months Blushing Buddha graduated with a certification in desert landscaping. 

Victory! Finally, a home entered the Blushing Buddha's heart.
A locally well known and loved sustainable garden designer worked with her indefatigably planting herbs and flowers in her Southern garden corridor. Now settled, Blushing Buddha took a deeper interest in Mantra Practice, Vastu Shastra, and Bazi journaling.
She retired from public teaching and started a small private weekly yoga class at her home. Social time was spent forming a group called, "Namaste Sistas". Words cannot describe how much she enjoyed attending and hosting these warm heart felt gatherings. After the height of the social part of her journey passed, she devoted most of her time to planting penstemons, blackfoot daisies, fruit trees, agaves, feather dusters, fern leaf lavenders, and tree aloes (among other plants) in her available urban garden space.

Currently, the Blushing Buddha spends her free time quietly at home journalling and reading. Her favorite activity is observing
her magical hummingbird friends, feisty roadrunners, adorable baby Gambel quail, and thirsty coyotes. She is very grateful for the opportunity to start off on a new journey in the fast changing world of e-commerce. Many of the treasures you will browse at shop.blushingbudha.com are items she has purchased in the past for her own practice and to share with friends as gifts. It is her greatest wish that you too find these treasures rewarding on your journey of Divine Love, Magic, and Pure Happiness.